Should we wash our own car or should we use an Automatic Car Wash?

People have asked us on many occasions whether or not an Automatic Car Wash is better for the environment than hand washing their car at home.

Washing your car at home can be time consuming and costly.  You need a hose, a bucket, sponges, suds, wax, clothes etc $$ and of course the physical effort required to get into all the nooks and crannies which is not always possible for some people to do.

By washing your car at home, it can mean up to 500 Litres of untreated water and chemicals get into our drains, gardens & waterways which is not good for the environment.

The average automatic car wash uses around 150 litres of water per cycle, and most of these car wash machines are set up to recycle and re-use the water for future washes. Some of even the more environmentally friendly car washes use the water several times making them both economically efficient while still providing a thorough clean.